2018 Invitation for Proposals
The Dorrance Family Foundation
Conservation Program

Island of Hawaiʻi

The mission of The Dorrance Family Foundation is to improve the quality of life in the community by supporting education and natural resource conservation.


To provide program support for innovative, high-performing non-profits demonstrating performance and expertise in natural resource conservation; preserving, protecting, restoring and fostering sustainable management of marine, land and fresh water ecosystems, and biodiversity for future generations on the Island of Hawai’i.


  • Island of Hawaiʻi


  1. Must be a public charity and have had tax-exempt 501(c)3 status for a minimum of 3 years. Start-ups are not eligible
  2. Must be based in the USA and provide services for the Island of Hawai’i
  3. Only one grant application per organization will be accepted
  4. Government agencies and universities are not eligible to apply directly. Programs and projects that include integration, partnership and collaboration with state and federal management agencies and universities are acceptable
  5. Organizations invited to submit a full proposal that have current grant awards must complete and provide an interim progress report on that grant before submitting. Reports can be provided via conference call and scheduled at 480-367-7355
  6. If you are the supporting organization for another entity you must clearly specify whether you are requesting funding for your organization or for the organization you support, and your responses to the questions must reflect the organization for which you are requesting funding
  7. Requests for multi-year funding commitments are not eligible
  8. 2017 grantees are eligible to apply in 2018


Grants MAY NOT be used for the following:

  1. Benefit of specific individuals
  2. Capital campaigns with the exception of capital needs that significantly and measurably improve organizational or program effectiveness and impact
  3. General operating (overhead and other administrative costs are acceptable as they relate to the program and project for which funding is being requested)
  4. Endowment
  5. Re-granting to other organizations or individuals
  6. Activities that promote religious beliefs
  7. Lobbying – IRS-defined lobbying activities are prohibited by federal law
  8. Partisan research and analysis, and non-permissible policy-related activities


Applicants are strongly encouraged to request only the specific amount needed to adequately fund their effort and proposed needs. The Dorrance Family Foundation will fund the final selected grantees based on their requests up to the provided limit and based on the number of final applicants (see below). Grant requests must not exceed 30% of the organization’s annual budget. Grants will be considered for up to one year of funding. More than one grant may be awarded. Combined total grants awarded will not exceed $500,000.


The Dorrance Family Foundation will use the following criteria to review and select grantees:

  1. The extent to which the project meets the mission of The Dorrance Family Foundation and application criteria
  2. The extent to which the project has a direct and meaningful impact on the target area/population and provides solutions
  3. The extent to which the project can be scaled up or replicated in the future with additional funders, through collaborations, or through other methods and systemic approaches (if applicable)
  4. Organizational capacity and expertise of the applicant to achieve the intended outcomes
  5. Measurable and identifiable objectives, timelines, benchmarks, impact and results of the project
  6. The extent to which the project activities are directly tied to desired outcomes
  7. The extent to which the organization engages the community where the work is being done or relies on for the success of the project
  8. The extent to which on-the-ground, measurable conservation work is being accomplished. Use of the grant must produce measurable outcomes that reflect the purpose of The Dorrance Family Foundation natural resource conservation program purpose, noted above.
  9. The track-record and credibility of the organization
  10. Fully completed letter of inquiry and application. Incomplete letters of inquiry or grant applications will not be considered


Applications will only be accepted online, beginning with a submission of a letter of inquiry. If your organization meets the Invitation for Proposal guidelines, click on the “CLICK HERE TO APPLY” button below to begin your submission according to the Invitation for Proposal schedule and deadline. Please note that if you have received a grant from The Dorrance Family Foundation in the past, you may already have an organization account and log-in information. Contact Suzie Yanez, 480-367-7355 with any questions.


You will be asked to provide the following through an initial letter of inquiry process. If invited to move on in our selection process, you will receive an invitation with instructions on how to submit a full proposal through our online grant application.

  1. Organization and project description with timeline
  2. Project location
  3. Goals and objectives
  4. Use of funds
  5. Project effectiveness and reach

Please be specific about the geographic and community locations of your proposed work. Be sure to hit the “SUBMIT LETTER OF INQUIRY” button to successfully submit your information. The online application system will not accept Hawaiian diacritical markings consistently. It may cause errors for which you will not be penalized. We suggest using an apostrophe where applicable.


  1. Proof of IRS federal tax-exempt status, 501(c)3
  2. Operating budget (organizations with multiple branches or chapters must submit a state-specific budget). Supporting organizations must submit an operating budget for the organization for which funding is being requested
  3. Project budget
  4. Most recently filed 990 and most recently audited financial statement (if available)
  5. Profit and loss statement
  6. Statement of financial position (for full proposals only)
  7. Roster of board of directors and executive leadership team (for full proposals only)
  8. 2-5-minute video that visually articulates the need and how your organization will address the need (for full proposals only, optional).


Submit your letter of inquiry by clicking the “SUBMIT LETTER OF INQUIRY” button at the end of the online form no later than 5:00 pm HST, July 17, 2018. Letters of inquiry and invited full proposals will only be accepted through our online process.


  1. Invitation for Proposals and Letter of Inquiry Information Released – June 15
  2. Letter of Inquiry Due – July 17, 5:00 pm HST
  3. First Round Selection/Invitation to Submit Full Proposal – September 4
  4. Full Proposal Due – By October 4, 12:00 pm HST
  5. Grant Proposal Review – Late October
  6. Site Visits – November
  7. Final Review for Grant Determinations – November – December
  8. Award Letters and Notifications – December
  9. Funds Released – December
  10. Interim Progress Reports Due – Within six months of grant award, subject to grant agreement
  11. Final Progress Report Due – Upon conclusion of twelfth month of grant award, subject to grant agreement



We will be holding a brief conference call to answer your remaining questions and review the online letter of inquiry and selection process on June 25, 1:00 – 1:30 pm HST. Dial 480-500-6990, to join the call.